North Marco Bay QTH of K5MI

Marco Island Radio Club Station - Trustee N1UL Ulrich L. Rohde

The station also includes a R&S XK2100 and an ICOM 781 transceiver.

The RX on the left is an R&S ESVN40 . 9 Khz to 3GHz all mode system Test Receiver for

exact signal measurements to 0.1dB accuracy and the ESH3 Test receiver (9KHz to 30MHz )

next to the XK2100L is to measure exact antenna patterns.

in front of the pneumatic mast with yagi is a ship vertical with remote tuner visible

Pneumatic antenna mast fully retracted to 13 feet (ca 4 meters) - "hurricane friendly position!"

N1DL antenna in retracted position

Pneumatic antenna mast extended to full height of 55 feet (ca 18 meters) with SteppIR yagi

N1DL antenna mast (pneumatic) extended

The antenna is made of fiber-glass elements with tuning copper strips inside,

that driven with stepper motors mounted to the boom, adjust the strips

automatically in length based on the frequency of the transceiver.

Thus the antenna is always optimally tuned.

For more info on SteppIR yagi see:

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last updated 17 Aug 2008